Dr. Veronica’s Wellness Revolution: Health and Wellness for the Real World

Veronica Anderson, MD is a Medical Doctor, Medical Intuitive, Functional Medicine Practitioner and Homeopath. Pioneering a new generation of functional medicine practitioners, Dr. Veronica transcends all boundaries with her passion for wellness through her unique blend of Traditional and Alternative Medicine. A podcast all about transparency and helping others Regain their health. Join her each week for exclusive interviews with the world’s best healers and dissect their strategies to bring you optimal health in your mind, body and spirit.
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Dr. Veronica’s Wellness Revolution: Health and Wellness for the Real World



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Dec 30, 2016

Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interviews Dr. Carolyn Dean on preventing death from modern medicine.

Do prescription pills help or harm your health? Medical Doctor, intuitive and naturopath Dr. Carolyn Dean has been in the forefront of health issues for almost 40 years. She provides you with the support you desire to fulfill your pledge to take responsibility for your own health.

In this episode, Dr. Dean talks about investing in your health through herbal products, vitamins, minerals and a healthy diet. She speaks on the effects of stress, eating out and GMO foods have on the body. Listen to the end, to find out if supplements are actually regulated by the FDA.


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Show Notes:

02:30 - Herbal products and supplements

06:00 - Investing in your health

07:40 - Vitamins and minerals

10:45 - Bacteria and yeast overgrowth

12:00 - Magnesium deficiency

12:45 - Stress, eating out, & GMO food

14:19 - Earning two degrees

16:00 - Atrial Fibrillation: Remineralize Your Heart

18:00 - Are supplements regulated by FDA?

24:00 - Media protection and headline news

Dr. Veronica Anderson is an MD, Functional Medicine practitioner, Homeopath. and Medical Intuitive. As a national speaker and designer of the Functional Fix and Rejuvenation Journey programs, she helps people who feel like their doctors have failed them. She advocates science-based natural, holistic, and complementary treatments to address the root cause of disease. Dr. Veronica is a highly-sought guest on national television and syndicated radio and hosts her own radio show, Wellness for the REAL World, on FOX Sports 920 AM “the Jersey” on Mondays at 7:00 pm ET. 

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