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Veronica Anderson, MD is a Medical Doctor, Medical Intuitive, Functional Medicine Practitioner and Homeopath. Pioneering a new generation of functional medicine practitioners, Dr. Veronica transcends all boundaries with her passion for wellness through her unique blend of Traditional and Alternative Medicine. A podcast all about transparency and helping others Regain their health. Join her each week for exclusive interviews with the world’s best healers and dissect their strategies to bring you optimal health in your mind, body and spirit.
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Dr. Veronica’s Wellness Revolution: Health and Wellness for the Real World



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Feb 14, 2017

Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interviews Dr. Carri Drzyzga about gluten sensitivity, cortisol stress & nutrient deficiencies.

Do you want to feel normal again? Functional Medicine Doctor Dr. Carri Drzyzga helps patients find the root cause of their health problems and fix the cause with natural treatments so they can feel normal again.

In this episode, Dr. Carri will talk about the impact gluten has on your brain and the effects of cortisol on your body including ways to find balance. Listen to the end for the proper method of supplementation for your nutrient deficiencies.


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Time Stamps:

02:40 - Are you healthy?

07:30 - Gluten’s impact on the brain

08:20 - Emotional issues

10:00 - Removing gluten

12:05 - Simple & delicious breakfast

15:00 - Cortisol’s effect on the body

17:45 - Balancing your cortisol

20:30 - Nutrient deficiencies & supplements



Dr. Veronica Anderson is an MD, Functional Medicine practitioner, Homeopath. and Medical Intuitive. As a national speaker and designer of the Functional Fix and Rejuvenation Journey programs, she helps people who feel like their doctors have failed them. She advocates science-based natural, holistic, and complementary treatments to address the root cause of disease. Dr. Veronica is a highly-sought guest on national television and syndicated radio and hosts her own radio show, Wellness for the REAL World, on FOX Sports 920 AM “the Jersey” on Mondays at 7:00 pm ET.


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